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Rifle I: Long Range Civilian Marksmanship


This is a Basic Rifle course designed for new or experienced shooters.  This is a 2 day course.  Shooting mat and lunch for both days are included in the price.

This course requires 240rds of ammo  (12 boxes), quality centerfire rifle capable of 600yds or more, sling, bi-pod or sand bags, quality optic (3x9x40 minimum)

Taught by the Valley Guns II cadre of NRA certified civilian instructors in tandem with  L.E. and US Army Instructors our Intro to Long Range Rifle is a basic course for hunters and rifle enthusiasts who desire to shoot distances greater than 300 yards.  The course is structured around long distance shooting for hunting applications but requires a quality rifle, optic and bi-pod setup for accurate shooting.  The course will cover rifle safety, rifle types, advantages/disadvantages of each, ammunition selection, shooting positions and techniques, optics, Retical types and selection, carry and deployment methods. Temperature and Elevation effects, COLD BORE determination, windage, Minutes of Angle (M.O.A.) vs. Mil-Radians (MILS) and its use. Quick Range estimation techniques and distances between 100 to 600 yards will be achieved.  Upon successful completion, students will receive a certificate of completion for 16hrs of training.


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