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RUGER AMERICAN RIFLE PACKAGE DEAL!!  RIFLE (cal. of choice), 3x9x40 Simmons Scope, mounts, bore sighted, sling, gun case: $479.00 +tx


With over 4000 square feet of retail space, we are the largest family owned & operated retail gun shop in the tri-state area. We are a stocking dealer for Armalite, LWRCi, Colt,  Remington, Springfield Armory, Savage, Ruger, Glock, Smith & Wesson, H&K, FNH, Sig Sauer, STI,Henry, Browning, Weatherby and many more. We are the area’s only KIMBER MASTER Dealer. Our Firearms Training is second to none in the tri-state!  We offer a wide selection of Handgun, Rifle and Shotgun classes from Beginner level, offered at our retail location to Intermediate and  Advanced training offered at a satellite facility. We have a wide selection of reloading supplies and the largest holsters selection in the area. We offer an Indoor, 15 yard Pistol range and a Indoor 100 yard Rifle Range; the only Indoor Shooting facility within 60 miles of Martinsburg!

Please see our “shooting ranges” page for further details, times of operation and restrictions.



  • 500 RD STICK OF XM193  55GR FMJ – $199.95
  • 1000 RD case of PMC 223 55gr FMJ- $350.00
  • 1000RD Case of PMC XTAC 5.56 55gr FMJ- $425.00
  • 500 RD CASE OF PMC 308 147GR FMJ – $450.00
  • 500 RD AMMO CAN OF 9MM 115Gr FMJ – $149.95
  • 500 RD can of 40 S&W 165gr FMJ- $189.00
  • 500 RD can of 45 ACP, 230gr FMJ- $195.00

Firearms Training

Valley Guns currently offers Private Handgun training and a Basic handgun class which will qualify individuals for a West Virginia Concealed Carry permit. In the near future, Valley Guns will be offering Intermediate Handgun, Basic & Intermediate Defensive rifle and Shotgun classes as well. .

Sign up for training today! Fill out an application HERE.