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Defensive Rifle/Carbine I: AR 15 Basics


AR 15 Basics

No pre-requisite.  Ammunition 350 rnds, A Quality AR15, AK47, M1A or Mini 14 are acceptable. Iron sight, Red Dots or Optics allowed, sling, 3 magazines (minimum) w/ belt carrier.

Taught by the Valley Guns II cadre of NRA certified civilian instructors along with active L.E. and former Army CQB instructors, this is an introductory course on America’s favorite rifle; the AR-15.  This course is designed for new & experienced shooters with the focus of using an AR-15 for self defense.  The course begins with a detailed lecture on AR-15 manufacturers, rifle design & function, impingement vs. piston, maintenance, ammunition selection and aftermarket accessories.  Following the lecture, the student will be shown how to zero his/her rifle followed by several warm up drills.  The most common types of gun malfunctions are introduced.  Students then progress to the four standard positions for shooting a rifle at varying distances.  Multiple target exercises are taught in conjunction with the use of cover and concealment.  The class concludes with an optional cleaning demonstration in which each student disassembles and reassembles his/her rifle.  Upon safe and successful completion of all range exercises, the student will receive a certificate of completion.  Offered at the Valley Guns II: Firearms Training Center, Bloomery WV. Ammunition Required: 350 rounds.


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