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Colt 1849 Pocket 1st model in 31cal. Large Trigger Guard Factory Silver Plated

For sale is a 1st Model, Colt 1849 Pocket Revolver in 31 caliber with large trigger guard.  The gun is silver plated which is one of three finished o... For Sale: in store $1295.00 OBO Read More >

Winchester Pre-64 Model 70 chambered in 30-06

For sale is a Winchester Model 70 Pre-64 chambered in the famous 30-06 gov't.  "The Rifleman's Rifle"  This gun was manufactured in 1950 and retains... For Sale: in store $995.00 Read More >

Original Civil War Remington 1858 percussion revolver 1864 mfg

For sale is an original Remington 1858, 44 caliber cap/ball revolver manufactured during the Civil War in 1864.  The overall condition of the revolve... For Sale: in store $1295.00 OBO Read More >